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By: Mark Froeliger

Wrigley Field Information on.... Chicago Cubs Ownership 

For many years, the Cubs had a corporate owner, the Tribune company, until 2009 when Tom Ricketts was named the new owner. Ricketts has ties to Chicago and is a long time fan of Chicago Cubs baseball.

His family fortune came from TD Ameritrade, however the family also has ownership interests in a bison ranch out West, and therefore Wrigley now serves Bison hot dogs. Personally, I don't find the food that great. Even the Chicago pizza fare, Connie’s Pizza, is good but really doesn't give you that true Chicago deep dish style pizza.

My suggestion, visit one of the local establishments for food early or get to the park early for a 25% early bird discount on food.

Murphy's Bleacher's right outside the park is a good place to get decent food, have a good place to meet up with friends and talk some baseball before the game starts.

I do stress cost because the Cubs ticket prices are high. They use a tiered pricing structure that basically makes all warm weather games at the high end. For Chicago, that is June, July and August, not like the Cubs spring training camp in Arizona.

Wrigley Field Seating

Wrigley Field Seating

Planning early to avoid going to the ticket brokers (Cubs games sell out early) will save money and you can get some deals in April, May and September, but make sure you check the weather forecast because the Chicago wind does make the stadium cold (especially if you are in the shaded seats).

Wrigley Field was built in the early 1900's so it is not state of the art. Small seats and the second deck are reinforced with beams that do obstruct certain views. The good news is that all of those beams do have small television sets nearby in case you do miss a play.

Wrigley Field Information on.... The Bleachers and Rooftops

Cub fans are often categorized into 2 types 
  • The ones that are there for the party atmosphere 
  • The diehards with the Cubs gear on and scorecard in hand (I'm in this category).
For the partiers, the bleachers and rooftops are the way to go. The bleachers are directly in the sun so most of the guys go shirtless in the summer and the girls don't wear much more. The tradition of course if you catch an opposing player's HR is to throw the ball back. If that is a souvenir you do not wish to part with, rumors abound that substitute baseballs can be found to keep the one that was caught.

Get to the game early if you want a good bleacher seat, general admission (no assigned seat) is in place for nothing more than a wooden bench with nothing for back support.

The rooftops are another unique part of Wrigley. The stadium is located in a residential district with many buildings behind the stadium that are high enough to have a view of the game. Of course, these seats won’t show up on the Wrigley Field seating chart!

There are often a minimum of 5 to 10 people in the party to reserve these tickets and they are not cheap ($100 to $150) per person, however the price does include unlimited food and drink (yes, alcohol) which of course also leads to quite a party atmosphere. Personally, I haven't been to a rooftop game yet, but I definitely hope to soon.

Wrigley Field Information on.... Parking, Wrigleyville and other traditions

Ok, I'm a diehard Cubs fan, but parking sucks!! Wrigley Field is located in a residential area with bars and restaurants but no parking lot for the stadium. Again, getting to the game early will help your chances of finding a decent spot that is not too expensive (typical is $25 to $50) and if you need to get somewhere after the game, make sure you ask about easy out.

More than once, I have sat in a car for nearly an hour or so waiting for other cars that are jammed in to the spot you parked. Luckily, Chicago does have good options for public transportation which is highly recommended.

The area is named Wrigleyville and has become a very high priced and trendy neighborhood. To experience everything Wrigley Field has to offer, I highly recommend checking out some of the local establishments before and after the game. Previously mentioned Murphy's Bleachers is good, Cubby Bear, is a popular bar and Rockit and Harry Carey's have a bar atmosphere that serves gourmet food.

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Wrigley Field Information on.... Other Wrigley traditions 

Other Wrigley traditions (besides the HR ball) include the 7th inning stretch sung by popular athletes, entertainers or local groups (High school championship teams, etc...) in honor of the late, Harry Carey a very popular Cubs announcer that always sang the 7th inning stretch before the Cubs batted in their half of the 7th inning.

When the Cubs win, the loudspeaker will play "Go Cubs Go" a song by Steve Goodman. I've been to 5 or 6 major league stadiums in my life and none are even close to the Wrigley experience. If you get the chance, you should go.

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