US Cellular Field Seating Chart

Located below is the US Cellular Field seating chart for the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox played their first game here on April 18, 1991 when it was known as Comiskey Park (II). Before this ballpark was built, they played right next door in what was one of the oldest ballparks in the country, Comiskey Park (I), which was the White Sox home since 1910! It was also referred to as White Sox Park or just Sox Park. It's located right off of the Dan Ryan Expressway (I90/I94) at 333 West 35th Street just to the south of downtown Chicago. If you live in Chicago you're either a Chicago White Sox fan if you're a south-sider or a Chicago Cubs fan on the northside. You will rarely (if ever) find a true fan who likes both teams.

US Cellular Field

US Cellular Field is an open-air stadium that seats approximately 40,600 fans. There is standing room for an additional 800 fans.

If you get seats in the upper deck, prepare to feel separated from the game. It can feel like the game is taking place in another county you're so far removed from the game.

Also, sitting in the upper deck, you're not allowed to come down to sit in any of the lower level seats. If it's not a packed game, sometimes it's nice to move closer to the action, but at US Cellular Field you can't.

If you're able to get tickets in one of the suites, you can watch the game up-close on one of many monitors AND the suites have their own personal wait staff. Nice perk!

The ballpark does have some unique features that you don't see at every ballpark these days. One of those is an outdoor shower that's located beyond the seats in left field. If you're there for one of those hot summer, sultry Chicago afternoon games, this might come in handy.

The gates to the stadium open 90-minutes before the game starts. The White Sox take batting practice before then, so you won't be able to see them, but the visiting team will take batting practice up to an hour before the game starts, so get there early if you'd like to be up-close-and-personal with some of the players on the visiting team.

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US Cellular Field Seating Chart

US Cellular Field Seating Chart

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