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Let's Go Blue Jays
Let's Go Blue Jays
Rogers Centre Toronto

The experience of watching a game from the Toronto Blue Jays stadium, The Rogers Centre, is an experience like non-other in baseball. It's like going to the Grand Canyon, you can explain the experience to someone, but never really get a taste of what it's like until you've experienced it for yourself in person. Not only does it have a unique retractable roof, but its neighbor, the CN Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere and can be seen during game when the roof is open. See the photos below.

The Rogers Centre, formerly known as the Skydome, was the first-ever retractable domed stadium. It may have never happened if not for the CFL's championship game, the Grey Cup, being played in a torrential rainstorm in an outdoor stadium with no cover for the fans and seen by the largest TV audience in Canada. That game came to be known as The Rain Bowl.

CN Tower
CN Tower Edgewalkers

The next door neighbor to the Toronto Blue Jays stadium is the CN Tower which stand 1815.4 ft. tall. You can also watch the Edgewalkers (shown in the photo above) who are teathered and hang over the edge on top of the CN Tower. When the roof is open its a great view for the right field seats.

Walkway into the Rogers Centre

The Toronton Blue Jays stadium, the Rogers Centre, is located in the heart of downtown Toronto off of Front Street. It's also just a short walk from the harbor area. The Rogers Centre is also the only stadium that has an attached hotel, the Renaissance Downtown Toronto hotel.

Rogers Centre Food Options

Budweiser King Club

Budweiser King Club Entrance Budweiser King Club

The King Club is has a sports bar theme located on the main level. In addition to pretty good food at a reasonable price, it has TV monitors to watch on the walls with other games happening live from around major league baseball.

Budweiser King Club Food Budweiser King Club Food Preparation Budweiser King Club Counter

Other eateries include T.O. Brew House, the Garrison Creek Flat Grill, Hogs Hollow Ice Co. and a Grab and Go market called the Muddy York Market.

T.O. Brew House Muddy York Market at The Rogers Centre Inside The Muddy York Market at The Rogers Centre

Toronto Blue Jays Pro Shop The Toronto Blue Jays Pro Shop located on the main level of The Rogers Centre

For those that like to purchase merchandise, there's the Blue Jays Shop Memorabilia Clubhouse -- an area within the store that displays authenticated merchandise, such as game-used bats and balls, game-worn jerseys and bases. All from inside the Toronto Blue Jays stadium!

Garrison Creek Flat Grill Hogs Hollow Ice Company

Rogers Centre Walkway

Jose Bautista Action
Jr. Jays Saturdays are a kids favorite. It offers fans a number of ways to get closer to the players. Kids 14 and younger can take part in the running the bases after the game, be selected to announce the players coming to bat, be chosen to accompany a player to the field for the national anthems and be able to get autographs from the Blue Jays players.

Blue Jays Central

Blue Jays Central Show Blue Jays Central

The Toronto Blue Jays stadium broadcast originates from the Rogers Centre on Sportsnet for home games. Their studio is located on the main level along the third base line. Fans are allowed to come and watch athe broadcast behind the roped-off area where the set is located. There are monitors setup so the fans can also see what the coverage looks like that's being broadcast on TV.

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Action

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Action

Blue Jays fans are often categorized into 2 types:
  • The ones that are there for the party atmosphere 
  • The diehards with the Blue Jays gear on and scorecard in hand 

Pick up your Toronto Blue Jays apparel before coming out to the stadium.

The Blue Jays staff at the Toronto Blue Jays stadium make the games fun and in-between innings bring the girls out to give away FREE t-shirts. Be the loudest fan or be in the loudest area and you might find yourself with a new t-shirt. In the photo above, one guy is REALLY excited that the girls have come over to where his seats are, but then there's another guy who would really just be left alone!

Maicer Izturis
Adam Lind
Jose Bautista

The Blue Jays are working towards the greatest fan experience which will be to get is a World Series game in front of a sellout crowd at Rogers Centre.

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