The Vet, Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium

The Vet, Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium

by F. Muldoon

My favorite stadium ever was Veterans Stadium (The Vet) in Philadelphia, PA. Compared to the past, and present major league ballparks, and I have been to many of them, in different cities; I would say that The Vet- had it all: good location, right off of I-95, and the Walt Whitman Bridge. Plenty of parking- and they open additional exit gates in the 7th inning, so you don't wait long to exit the parking lot. Very family was friendly, superior food court, interactive games/activities for the kids. The Phillies are a good organization, and a lot goes into they're making every fan's experience the best. I've also taken a few post-game trips to Geno's, for the best Philly Cheese Steaks. I haven't been to the new Citizens Bank Park yet; but two of my friends have gone on multiple occasions, they said: "it's not The Vet !". Yankee Stadium would be my number two choice, of the best ballparks. So much history, and sites to see: Monument Park, the Facade, sitting in the bleachers, etc... The concessions are a bit pricey, so it is better to eat before/ after the game. Seats are good, for a true baseball fan, this is the best place to take in a game! I saw my first baseball game ever, at Shea Stadium, Queens, NY, back in July 1970. As a kid, I went to numerous games at Shea Stadium; I even went to a Yankee Game there in 1975, when they played their home games while Old Yankee Stadium was renovated. Shea was good, but nothing special. There were sections that were exposed to the wind, where you had to wear a winter coat, in April, September, and October. Shea had decent concessions, but the best were the hot salty pretzels, and roasted chestnuts, you could get from the unlicensed vendors outside the stadium, going to the parking lot. After sitting in the parking lot, for an hour after the game ended, waiting to get out; we learned to bring coffee, and Drake's cakes and keep them in the car, to have while we waited. My only other complaint would be the restrooms; or the lack of them. It was bad, during baseball season, but Jets football fans that I knew said it was worse during the cold of football season; especially for the women. Some women, who had to "go", at a Jets game, would see the 20 people on line for the ladies room- and instead, run over to the Men's room, go in the back door ( the exit door) and duck into a stall. Mostly every guy on the bathroom line is going for the urinals. Some drunken men, would harass the women, take pictures of them, throw objects into the stall, squirt water on their pants, etc...

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