Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium

Sports Authority Field at Mile High
1701 Mile High Stadium Circle
Denver, CO 80204
Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium

Mile High excitement used to occur seemingly every weekend at the old Mile High Stadium, as John Elway led the Broncos to incredible resurgences again and again.

Yes, for the first 50 years of the Denver Broncos, they called one stadium home, Mile High (initially Bears' Stadium), therefore lots of memories took place there that fans wish the old, rickety, smelly and at times frightening leviathan of a stadium still stood as well as housed their Broncos.

Finally, fifty-three years was too much for the old Mile High, which was originally develop atop the Denver garbage dump, and it needed to be replaced.

The folks of Denver and the bordering counties built owner Pat Bowlen a football palace fit for kings, but exactly what regarding the little people?

Yes, with Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium comes bigger aisles, additional restrooms (particularly women's), a lot more services in regards to food and also drinks - however some assert it draws in the bad crowd. Mile High Stadium provided exceptionally budget-friendly seats - at $20 apiece for anywhere in the legendary South Stands - while New Mile High's seats have actually pushed out blue collar Denver die-hards as the "wine and cheese group" fills up the new stadium.

Some can be seen chatting on cell phones rather than watching the game, though this is most likely true of any type of major sporting place nowadays, while others merely leave previous competitions are decided. But it should be said that Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium is a wonderful venue to watch a game.

Three large screens are situated in the South endzone and in the Northeast as well as Northwest sides, giving any type of fan an opportunity to see replays without little effort. Large concourses, with an large amount of food vendors and restrooms, making an opportunity for quick breaks. Additional steel floorings - called "Rocky Mountain Thunder" are a tribute to Mile High and allow fans to get the new stadium rocking.

In 2011, INVESCO lost its sponsorship of the stadium and Sports Authority took control of it. Fans seem to be much more in favor of the new name, though many still call it either "New Mile High" or just "Mile High.".

Sports Authority Field with Six Flags

The new stadium holds over 76,000 fans, roughly the same number as the old one, and as a result of its large dimension, chairs and aisles are wider, creating a better experience for the fans.

In its very first ten years of existence, Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium has held three NFL playoff games, with the Broncos winning two, consisting of the overtime amazing game versus Pittsburgh on January 8, 2012.

Diverse menu selections cater to many fans' wishes and desires. Of course, there is usual ballpark fare in frankfurters, bratwursts, french fries and popcorn, but that's not nearly all.

There's a BBQ stand (section 321) with ribs, pizza locations all over the stadium, Philly cheese-steak sandwiches (section 106) and much more.

Coca Cola items are sold in virtually every area of the stadim, with the brand-new addition of "All You Can Drink Soda" for $9.00, and also bottled water could be purchased as well.

Alcoholic beverages is abundant in the stadium, making it convenient to snatch a drink between quarters. Containers of draft beer are $6.50 while draughts are $6.75 as well as Coors/Light, Budweiser/Light, are the staples, while lots of stands have microbrew taps as well.

If you're searching for something special, take a look at the "River's Edge Tap Room" at section 115 where the draft beer variety is extensive and includes lots of Colorado mixtures. Also, cocktail stands are located throughout the stadium too.

The electric atmosphere at Sports Authority Field at Mile High makes going to an NFL game constantly enjoyable for all of the fans.

There are Broncos fans young and old; from those that have actually had season tickets since 1960, to 20-somethings that grew up worshiping John Elway.

While the stadium is a family-friendly environment, as there many family bathrooms, most of the fans going to Broncos games are adults wanting to let loose and also have a great time.

Fans enjoy stomping on the metal stands creating that "Rocky Mountain Thunder" and also making the brand-new stadium vibrate strongly. Fans likewise dance, begin chants as well as yell until their voice is gone.

On the whole, it's a festive environment, an enjoyable atmosphere for folks to scream as loudly as they really want and aren't acceptable in other places.


The stadium is located just beyond downtown with several restaurants, including Brooklyn's, and shopping areas a short distance away. Brooklyn's is directly across the street from the Pepsi Center where the Colorado Avalanche hockey team play and the Denver Nuggets NBA basketball team play. Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium is only a few parking lots away.

Unlike the Pepsi Center and Coors Field, which are in the center of LODO, Mile High isn't always in an easy walking distance to other places.

There are restaurants on Federal Boulevard, but if you're looking for superior food in Denver, you've got to go downtown.

Elway's Steakhouse is downtown, as is the Denver Chop House and Brewery, which has spectacular meats, amazing appetizers as well as great microbrews.

Denver Broncos fans do not just come from Denver, they come from all over the Rocky Mountain Region to cheer on their beloved Broncos.

In 1960, Denver became the first city in the Rocky Mountain Region to be home to an professional football team, as the Broncos were one of the original American Football League teams. Because of that, folks from Wyoming, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Idaho, Utah and New Mexico consider themselves Broncos fans as well as they travel to the Mile High City often to see their team face to face.

Pepsi Center

Broncos fans are fun-loving as well as sometimes, intense. Seeing their team win is great, as well as if they can be involved in helping them win by making insane amounts of crowd noise, then that's even better.

Denver's been referred to as having one of the fiercest home-field advantages in the NFL, and the Broncos are 54-34 in the regular season in their new stadium, a 61.4 winning percentage.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High lies directly off of I-25, making reaching the game a breeze from either the North or South. Although, if you drive to the game, be ready for heavy traffic before the game as well as extremely long waits after the game.


Vehicle parking can be found on stadium grounds, though it sets you back a pretty penny at $20-$30. You could additionally find vehicle parking in private lots just North of the stadium groun

Brooklyn's Restaurant

ds for less. Within three blocks of the stadium you can find parking for $10.

If you don't intend to drive, there are various other alternatives, including the RTD Light Rail or the Broncos Ride.

There are numerous stops South of the stadium on I-25 for the Light Rail, as well as tickets are $3.00. Or, the Broncos Ride - a bus shuttle system - can pick you up all over the city and also take you to and from the game for $5.00.

Restrooms are seemingly almost everywhere, and there are noticeably more ladies rooms compared to men's rooms, a major issue of the old stadium. Concourses are wide, permitting large numbers of people able to navigate them.

Attending Broncos games is difficult in Denver, as both stadiums have been sold out dating back to 1979. There are some 20,000 season-ticket holders for the Broncos, so locating tickets can be challenging, as well as the most inexpensive seats go for $55. Broncos tickets are the most costly in the area, yet they are worth it since there are only 8 home games a year and nothing else like it in the area.

Tickets might be pricey, however there's absolutely nothing like taking in an NFL game in person, so if you can afford it, it's well worth going to a game.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium is also the home of the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, which is open year-round. Tours last seventy-five minutes and tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for kids.

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