Reds fans need to be nicer to the out of town fans!

Reds fans need to be nicer to the out of town fans!

by Susan
(Burlington, KY, USA)

We were really enjoying the game, until this Reds fan tells me that I was in the wrong section, I wasn't welcome and to leave. When I purchased my 4 tickets, no where did it say NO BREWER FANS WELCOMED! This is not the first time going to a Reds game where some of the fans are rude. You don't see the players be that way with each other. There are a lot of out of town fans come to this area to have a good time and see their team. It was a shame that my two kids had to experience this. I live here now and do like the Reds, but I have to cheer on my hometown team as many would. Family day on a Sunday afternoon at the park wasn't as much fun as we thought it would be.

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