PNC Arena Seating Chart (formerly RBC Center)

ATT Center San AntonioPhoto courtesy of Benjamin Reed
ATT Center San AntonioPhoto courtesy of Benjamin Reed

Located below is the PNC Arena seating chart for the Carolina Hurricanes.

The PNC Arena in Raleigh NC, is located at 1400 Edward Mills Road, just off of Wade Avenue.

It first opened its doors on October 29, 1999 as the Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena.

It is the home to the Carolina Hurricanes (NHL) and the North Carolina State Wolfpack (ACC) for college basketball.

The PNC Arena seating capacity seats 18,700 for hockey games and 19,700 for basketball games.

Before each game when the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team is ready to take to the ice a fan is chosen to sound the Carolina Hurricanes warning siren. This let's everyone in the arena know that the action is just about ready to get started and get pumped up for some powerhouse hockey.

Special Needs Seating

If you're in need of special seating or require a wheelchair, the PNC Arena has a group called the Rex Wheelchair Brigade that can help you out. They can help you before AND after the game to get you where you need to go. Contact Guest Services behind section 127 for assistance.


The PNC Arena also has its own restaurant on site. It's called The Arena Club Restaurant. It's a great place to come to relax before the game and it's still open after the game to go for a drink or to dance after a Hurricanes victory! They also have live music on the weekends.

A sports bar is also located on-site called The Deck where you can stay and watch the game when meeting up with friends or co-workers for a drink. And, there are many flat-screen HDTV's to watch all of the action!

Tickets and Seating Chart Information

View the and Interactive Seating Chart for home and away games by clicking on the seating chart below.

RBC Center seating chart
PNC Arena Seating Chart
PNC Arena Seating Chart

Stormy the Mascot

The Carolina Hurricanes mascot is called Stormy. He (maybe she since Hurricanes are named for women!) can make special guest appearances at your seat.

Whether you want to surprise someone for their birthday OR if you'd even like to propose to your girlfriend, Stormy can be hired to do that during the game. A birthday visit will cost $100 and you need to call the arena at least a couple of days in advance to set it up.

The wedding visit runs about $250 and you get a message on the scoreboard over the ice asking her to marry you. If you do this, I hope you're sure she'll say YES. If not, you might be the next viral star on Youtube!

Time Lapsed Video Of The RBC Center Raleigh Going From Basketball Setup Arena To Hockey Arena Setup

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