Miller Park Seating Obstructions

Miller Park Seating Obstructions

by Gerry Abell

Section 420-421 Column Obstruction

Section 420-421 Column Obstruction

Most of Miller Park seating has great views and sight-lines. But, there are a couple of places with obstructed views in areas that you might not normally think would be obstructed.

In the upper deck, right behind home plate there are two HUGE columns. If you're sitting behind either one of them, they will definitely be in your way.

The picture posted here is of the column in section 420. The first four rows are below the column, so if you're sitting there you won't have a problem seeing the game. The higher you are in section 420 you lose part of right field and right-center field along with the area between first base and second base.

Section 421 up to about row 10 you won't have a problem either. The lower-numbered seats are on the side where the column is located. Above row 10 in the lower-numbered seats you won't see all of right field.

The second column is between sections 418-419 with the same sight-line and viewing problems that are in sections 420-421.

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