Lambeau Field Tour and Sunday Night Football

Lambeau Field Tour and Sunday Night Football

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Green Bay is an awesome football experience! We took an extended weekend trip there and about a 7 hour drive for the game we went to see.

We got tickets early and as soon as we knew we had them we got a hotel room in Appleton. That was a 25 minute drive. Not bad!

Lambeau Field tours and seeing the Packers Hall of Fame exhibit are a must! You get to go out of the tunnel the players use and go onto the field area, yell GO PACK GO! at the top of your lungs. The only thing we couldn't do was the Lambeau leap.

The Packers Hall of Fame has everything back from when they were the Acme Packers to the days of the ice bowl to their super bowl rings and everything in-between.

The entire town is a giant tailgate party. The fans there are super nice and don't mind if you're wearing another teams jersey. Brett Favre's restaurant is only a block away.

We were told if you go to a game when it's really cold and you have an end of the aisle seat, you'll only get one cheek on those metal benches because everyone wears large, down jackets!

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