Heinz Field is the best venue in the NFL

Heinz Field is the best venue in the NFL

by Josh

The Great Hall and the Lobardi Trophy

The Great Hall and the Lobardi Trophy

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most effective teams since the NFL/AFL merging, with six Super Bowl titles. For four of those championships, they shared Three Rivers Stadium with the Pittsburgh Pirates. When baseball went retro in the mid-1990s, the Pirates did the same by planning PNC Park, and the Steelers had an option to renovate Three Rivers Stadium into a football-only venue. Yet with their three department opponents all boasting new venues, the Steelers ownership intended to get in on the act. The city inevitably agreed to build two separate venues together with a convention facility. Though controversial for its usage of public funds, the building has actually renewed the North Shore, with both stadiums standing a couple of blocks away and making Pittsburgh among the premier sporting towns in the nation.

The common concessions are provided names such as Objective Line Stand and Red Zone Express but the food selection is regular for a sports venue, with pizza, hot dogs, brats, and sandwiches, and prices a little bit higher than typical. For example, a Chicken Chipotle Sausage is $8 as is a Jalapeno Cheddar Brat. A foot-long hotdog with peppers and onions is $6.75.

Naturally, Pittsburgh stalwart Primanti Bros has two stands on the lower concourse, yet their option is restricted and you are probably better off checking out among their city areas for a much more comprehensive menu. Those with a hankering for Greek can try Papa Duke's Gyros, while Quake Meat and Lube provides chick wings.

Rather than restrict yourself to these concessions, you ought to head to the south plaza behind the scoreboard, where you can discover the Steel Pit BARBEQUE with burgers cooking over an open fire. It looks extremely appealing and you will likely see a large line salivating in anticipation.

A couple of specialized stands are nearby: Nakama Food Truck provides sushi rolls, egg rolls, and a mixed greens, although it is rather overpriced. You could additionally obtain an aged drink such as Birch Beer and Sarsaparilla.

I had gotten a club seat and determined to eat there, but once again there had not been as long as I had really hoped. The Stuffed Meatball is the best selection for lighter appetites at merely $6.75 however I did not locate this on the lower concourse.

There is a designated motorist program which gets you a welcome soda, while beer is best obtained at Club 33 in the Great Venue, with a number of dozen microbrews to select from at $8.50 each.

Every game at Heinz Field has actually been sold out since it opened, and the game day experience is just one of the very best I have seen. Begin with the Great Hall, which is perhaps the very best concourse in pro sports, although it does get crowded right from when gates open. Reaching about 40,000 square feet on the east side of the stadium, it houses a collection of Steelers memorabilia. The Hall includes a timeline of the Steelers franchise's significant events, while the Walk of Fame features the lockers of a number of former players, including Franco Harris and Jack Lambert. The six Super Bowl trophies are right here, each inside a different enormous Lombardi Trophy show case along with memorabilia from each championship season. A live band plays, and there are murals committed to regional senior high schools and the Pittsburgh Panthers. It can take thirty minutes effortlessly to wind your way through here visiting all that is on display, so arrive as early as possible and enter into by Gate B if you can, which is at the beginning of the Super Bowl displays.

The smoke rising from the Steel Pit BARBEQUE is another one-of-a-kind touch, as are the East and West ramps that supply lovely sights of midtown and function as platforms for lots of fans.

There are no cheerleaders at Heinz Field, however there is no necessity for them. Many fans bring in their Terrible Towel and those are waving throughout the night, producing an amazing view. The songs works in getting fans pumped up but it isn't exceedingly loud. During the game, each play is replayed and revealed with a minimum of buzz, till the Steelers get a key first down.

The unique yellow seats always function as a tip of where you are and truly contribute to the process. Simply put, the setting at a game at Heinz Field is specifically what I would want from an NFL venue.

The North Shore may not have a lot, but there are a number of bars that have opened and are happening places before and after the game. Jerome Bettis' Grille is the dining establishment of choice, but it fills up quickly. Note the Super Bowl banners out front though. Close-by is a division of the Tilted Kilt and its scantily clad waitresses, while the Rivertowne Brew Pub offers you a more local sense.

Just a few blocks away and across the bridges lies midtown with a couple of even more bars and eateries as well as the Western Pennsylvania Sports Gallery, which is a must-see for any sort of sports fan. At fifteen dollars, it isn't really economical yet this includes admission into the Heinz History Center.

West of the stadium is the Carnegie Science Center, which may provide a diversion for any sort of non-sports followers traveling with you, while you attend the game. The Rivers Casino is another block away should you attempt your good luck on the slot machines or black jack tables.

Lastly, you could not fail to remember PNC Park and bars in that area, which is simply a short walk away. Pittsburgh has made use of both Heinz Field and PNC Park to completely remodel the area and it is now a great area to check out, even when neither team is in town.

Enthusiastic, loud, using their teams colours, and turning up very early seem to be the hallmark of the fans at Heinz Field. Virtually every person has a Terrible Towel and waves it throughout the game. I particularly appreciate the way that fans line up along both the East and West ramps for the whole game.

Pittsburgh has a track record as a hard-nosed community, yet I found fans to be polite and enjoying their game without getting out of control. There is some kindhearted ribbing with visiting teams fans, yet nobody is terribly ridiculous or violent.

In 2012 the regional public transportation referred to as the "T" opened up 2 stations on the North Shore, with the last station, Allegheny, stopping at Heinz Field. I would highly suggest finding complimentary car parking on the road and taking the train from downtown, which is part of the totally free ride area. After the game, if you are parked downtown, you could conveniently walk back in 10-15 mins. You don't have to take the "T" back unless you are going all the way to the South Hills. If you have decided to park at one of the terminals at the Park and Ride, the trip in is great, but expect long lines to the trains after the game. The lines are efficiently organized though and move continually. When I got on my train, it was vacant, leaving after about a 5-minute delay. Pay on exit or on the train as soon as you leave the cost-free zone location.

Within the arena, the Great Hall does get crowded, however you could walk around effortlessly if you are not in a rush. The ramps and moving stairways keep fans moving to and from the upper deck without any kind of issue.

The men's restrooms are troughs, which are something I have actually not viewed in a new arena, yet I had no worry with lines right here. Overall, there is not a problem getting to and from Heinz Field, and as soon as within, you should have no problem getting around.

The Steelers sellout every game, yet you can occasionally discover tickets on-line and other resale locations. Lower end zone seats are around one hundred dollars, while top deck seats are more than that. There is no low-cost alternative to get into the arena, however this is just one of the most effective game-day experiences in all of sports and you will certainly have to pay to appreciate it. These prices are not amazing either, dropping within the range of a typical NFL game ticket.

The club level tickets are over two hundred dollars, but you are far better off getting these on the street for half tha, should a business fan be unable to show up. The nice thing about the club level is that it is not a separate seating area so the top deck is not that far from the action.

Heinz Field is among the best venues in the National Football League with a wild fan base, and it is a must-see place to visit. You will certainly not be let down as long as you avoid the secondary ticket market, which has the Steelers as the seventh most pricey NFL team.

Take time to discover the place of the Immaculate Reception monument along with the Three Rivers Stadium markings. It is along General Robinson Street just east of the arena. It was unveiled in late 2012, so if you have not been to Heinz since then, it deserves having a look at.

The view of the horizon and Point State Park from the west ramp is excellent and is worthy of a look regardless of your seat location. Take the escalator up and stroll down before the game, as it will certainly be crowded by the time the game begins.

The Tailgate Zone at Stage AE is an excellent place before the game, specifically those Sunday or Monday night games where you could view multiple afternoon affairs and have a bit of BBQ and beer. It is additionally open after the game should the nearby bars be completely filled up. With a big indoor seating area with a number of television screens, this is the location to warm up when winter hits the Steel City.

Lastly, a factor for the Great Hall, which is possibly much better viewed during a trip as it can be difficult to obtain great photos with a lot of fans milling around.

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