Don't go to San Diego! The stadium employees and local police are jerks!

Don't go to San Diego! The stadium employees and local police are jerks!

by Vincent Crespin
(Denver, CO, USA)

I took my 68 year old mother and cousin to San Diego to see the Broncos play the Chargers. My cousin who lives in San Diego had never been to an NFL game in his life and he was 22 years old at the time! Well my mother has a difficult time walking and uses a walker to assit her in mobility as she has two bad hips, and a surgically repaired back. So my cousin who drove us to the game made sure he used his grandmother's handicapped placard for parking at the stadium. Well because he forgot his vehicle registration form that shows the car is registered to use the placard he received a $1,500.00 ticket. Yes, a $1,500 ticket. The police could clearly see that my mother needed assistance, they didn't care, they made us move the car and walk approximately 2 1/2 miles to the stadium. We arrived at the stadium early enough until the police harrassed us. So we entered the stadium and the game late because the police made us move my cousins vehicle. We finally arrived at the stadium and our assigned seats and we sat in the handicapped section in which we had handicapped tickets for due to my mother's issues. A seating usher came up to us during the game, while a play was in progress, and asked to check our tickets, we obliged with the usher's request; however I noticed that he didn't ask any of the other people sitting next to and around us. It was probably because we're Denver Broncos fans. I thought this was rude because he could see that my mother had a walker next to her seat. I asked him why he didn't check the others and he replied that he was maintaining seating integrity. Yeah right! So don't go to San Diego as perhaps you will have a bad experience as well. By the way my cousin fought the ticket and won judgement, however the whole experience was ruined for my cousin and mother. My cousin said he will never go to a game in San Diego again, and he lives there! What a shame.

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