Dallas Cowboys New Stadium On Game Day

AT&T Stadium Pre-game Activities

There are many activities going on around the stadium before the game starts. You'll find tailgating in the parking lot, tons of people going across the street to Walmart to go to the Cowboys Pro Shop where you'll find cheaper souvenirs than at the stadium pro shop. You'll also find a stage where the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will come out and perform from. It's only for a song or two, but it really gets the fans pumped up! The stage is located on the same side of the stadium as the pro shop. On the opposite side of the stadium they've added a new attraction where fans can go zip-lining.

If you’re planning to come to the Dallas Cowboys new stadium on game day be prepared for sticker shock.

The cost to build the stadium was over $1.2 billion and it looks like Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, wants to make that money back as quickly as possible. He put up $241 million of his own money for its construction.

Cowboys Stadium on game day


You can view the Dallas Cowboys football schedule on our website. After you 'View Tickets' for the game that you're interested in, you'll see a Cowboys Stadium seating chart. If you hover your mouse pointer over any section of that seating chart, you'll see an actual picture of that section and you can see what the view will be like from that section. If you enjoy sporting events, then you'll be excited to see our latest selection of tickets. You can buy the tickets with confidence with our 125% money-back guarantee!

Price of Parking

If everything’s bigger in Texas, that’s certainly true of the price of parking and tailgating in the Dallas Cowboys new stadium parking lot.

If that's what you plan to do, you'll need to shell out over $80 to park in the stadium lot on game day, unless you’re a season ticket holder and have a parking pass. Don’t worry though, there are less “expensive” options.

Parking in lots close to the stadium will still cost $60 to park at most businesses. If you're willing to walk a distance, you might be able to find places to park for $40.

Stadium Food

I had heard before the Dallas Cowboys new stadium opened in 2009 that a cheese pizza was going to sell for $60. I didn’t see one for myself, so I can’t tell you if it’s true or not, just don't let your jaw hit the floor if you see that it IS true!

Cowboys Stadium Menu
What I can tell you is that they have some pretty tasty options. A giant margarita, which is called a Cowboyrita goes for $14 and a beer will cost $8. Nachos, quesadillas and tacos will run you $8.50. If you’re budget-conscious and watching your weight at the same time, it’s the perfect place to go!

Thirsty? Visit the United Nations of Beer Texas beer guide.

Views from the seats

If you’re looking for tickets to a game, some of the seats have limited views of the field, especially if the seats are in the upper levels close to the stairs. Not only will people need to walk in front of you, but the stairway fencing will also limit your view.

Other than that, you can sit most anywhere in the stadium and have a good view.

cowboys stadium video screen

No matter where you sit you won’t be able to miss the GIANT video screen hanging over the field.

At 7-stories tall and weighing 600 tons, it’s the largest HDTV in the world.

If you walk around the lower level and see a yellow sign with “JJ” printed on it, that’s where Jerry Jones seats are located. To the staff at the stadium it's called “the perch”.

It will seat up to 5 people. Mr. Jones actually has two separate areas to watch the game. The other will take him by an elevator from “the perch” to his larger suite for entertaining more guests.

If you’re in the Dallas area for a day and there isn’t an event going on at the Dallas Cowboys new Stadium, it’s well worth the time to take a tour, even if you’re not a Cowboys fan.

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